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I'm Liz and I can't remember life without creative writing. I've written fantasy stuff (poems, songs, stories) since 1st grade but it wasn't until college that I began to use fantasy as a way to explore ideas about humanity, relationships, and fears of difference.


Now I'm learning to professionally write fantasy through studying craft books, taking apart published works, and attending events. A local chapter of Romance Writers of America was a magnificent teacher in professionalism, fellowship, and craft. 

One lesson I learned from RWA is that a writer can give back regardless of where she is in her writing career. I also learned that giving back is fun. Those were the first reasons I started a blog and why I later started small writing contests on that blog. I enjoy sharing new releases by other authors and posting occasional interviews. I would love to do more of that with you. If this interests you, visit my contact page.

Fantasy has a force all its own because no matter how far life throws me, I always answer the pull. In fantasy it is clear that people can use magic to create miracles. They fight, befriend, and bargain with dragons or demons. All of this happens in other genres, of course, but more subtly. Speculative fiction in general also lets readers explore ideas in ways that might be difficult or impossible in a real world setting. I find exploring modern or futuristic concepts in a medieval world especially delicious.

For me, writing is more than doing. It is a way of being. A lifestyle, but more than that. When I don't write, I feel icky inside, I get irritable and erratic. Writing is as important to my wellness as martial arts, meditation, and sleep. Without any of those, I do not thrive.

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