A site for the education, affirmation, and promotion of writers

at all stages of their journeys.


You probably found this place because you want
to write and to improve as a writer.

I want to help you on that journey.

I write and blog as L J Bergquist and usually go by Liz. If you want to know more about me or my relationship with writing, you can read that HERE.

For you to get the most out of this site, you'll need to know what it has to offer.

1st Stop: the Writing Sandbox

Here you can find some of the tips and tricks I learn as I discover what it takes to write meaningful stories. While this advice can be applied to other genres, my focus is on uses for speculative fiction.

You can also find...

  • writing prompts

  • writer challenges

  • author interviews

  • contest submissions

  • updates to the Bookshelf and contests

2nd Stop: the Bookshelf

Over here is a resource section that I update monthly. Not just a list of craft books, the Bookshelf contains a few additional features. ​ 

  • Includes a section for technology intended to boost productivity.

  • Each book and tech resource, has a photo, standard blurb, and external Buy or Try link.

  • Includes featured new releases in speculative fiction -- and links to interviews with those authors.

  • Some resources include links to blog posts where you can see ideas in practice.


3rd Stop: the Contests

I want to give chances for you to practice what you've learned. About writing. About finishing. About putting the words in a public space. And about marketing your work.

To help you practice these skills, I will host four free-to-enter contests in 2020: 2 for poetry and 2 for flash fiction.


These contests are still being developed but it is likely each will have a theme. And it is definite that there will be small prizes.

4th Stop: Updates and More

That's three resources you can use to prepare and promote yourself as a writer. The Writing Sandbox has several new posts each week -- as well as notices about any new Bookshelf resources and contest updates. To keep up with the latest, you can subscribe to the blog.

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